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Review: Marie Veronique Treatment Serum sample

Marie Veronique Organics MVO Treatment Serum - severe acne - review first impression sample - Joelle Chan make-up artist Calgary Canada

Zits.  Pimples.  Acne.  How I hate you.  If you suffer from severe acne, you have to believe I know how you feel.  From the age of 11 when my first huge red one surfaced in between my eyes until I was 19 when they had fully encompassed my t-zone and rapidly expanding to my cheeks, looking in the mirror every morning was heart sinking.  Huge cystic acne literally piling over each other because there was no room left.  That was me.  I thought acne was only a teenage thing and it would run its course by the time I was an adult.  Terribly wrong.

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Going Green & Gettin’ Clean

Clean green sustainable organic luxury cosmetic samples - makeup skincare - kahina w3ll vapour ilia mun marie veronique dr alkaitis pai one love - fresh faced online canada - Joelle Chan Calgary

I’ve read in various articles that our skin absorbs 60-70% of what we put on it.  Yeah, that’s A LOT.  Therefore I’ve recently become more interested in clean green cosmetics.  That is, products with as many sustainable natural organic ingredients as possible.  Those ingredients having been ethically sourced or wild crafted, and of high quality therefore potent.  Products that use packaging made from recycled materials or is recyclable.  I had converted a long time ago to natural shampoos, conditioners, body washes, face cleansers and toners from the health food store (all without sodium lauryl sulphate in particular because I found it dried me out unnecessarily), but had yet to find something that worked in every other area – namely moisturizers and make-up.  I basically forgot about it until now – I think I’m becoming more aware since having a child.  It’s a great time to think about green beauty because over the last little while, it looks like a bunch of high quality luxury green products have made their way into the existence.

My first order from Fresh Faced arrived Monday night from Toronto – I am crazy excited to try everything out.   Continue reading…

Review: Nature Republic Super Aqua Max watery cream for combination skin

Review Nature Republic Super Aqua Max watery cream combination skin - Korean moisturizer skincare cosmetics - Joelle Chan Makeup Artist Calgary Canada

Korean cosmetics have had so much press lately I couldn’t help but look into it myself and purchase a few things to try.  I scoured Soko Glam, a Korean-American curated online store, and picked out a few things.  Admittedly I didn’t purchase my products from them; I found my products a little bit more economically priced with shipping costs in various other places.  As a side note, shipping to Canada from the US is generally getting better priced.
I bought IOPE’s Air Cushion foundation which didn’t do too well with me (review here).  The second product I bought was Nature Republic’s Super Aqua Max for Combination skin.  If you read my January Favourites post, then you know I have thing for sleeping masks/packs/facials/whateveryouwannacallit.  Basically intense hydrating moisturizers meant to be put on at night so you wake up to beautiful dewy soft supple skin.  Let’s talk about the Super Aqua Max.

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Tutorial: A lil POP of colour

Purple Radiant Orchid Lilac Lavender - Everyday step-by-step picture makeup tutorial - Pantone 2014 green eyes - Joelle Chan Calgary Canada

Purple is my favorite colour, as well as many of yours I’m sure.  When Pantone announced Radiant Orchid was THE 2014 colour, I squealed inside a little bit, and my mind started racing with all the purple possibilities I can adorn on myself.  Think of all the purple makeup!!  Shadow, liner, mascara, blush (a light lilac is real nice), lippie, nails…and hair!  Think Nicole Richie and Kelly Osbourne.  What a wonderful excuse to wear purple EVERYTHING (not that I need any).  The only problem is…one can end up looking like a certain purple dinosaur.  At least your teeth would look very white.

As an ode to the colour typically associated with sophistication and royalty, I wanted to do a tutorial where purple was ok to wear every day.  Purple doesn’t have to mean heavy and it doesn’t have to mean evening glamour.  It can be fresh, fun and surprisingly natural!  Purple hues look amazing on every skin tone and with every eye colour, though green eyes in particular really stand out like my friend K’s here.  Let’s get started: Read more…