Mani Monday

Grey yellow polka dot nails

I stopped in Superstore yesterday afternoon to pick up a few necessities (namely PC Chocolate Chunk cookies and a loaf of raisin bread) when I got sidetracked and found myself in the cosmetics aisles.  To be honest, I was looking for the magazines.  If I have time, I always go peruse the magazine and book aisle first before I do any actual shopping, just ’cause I like to look at pretty pictures, and I don’t want my tub of ice cream melting in my basket while I’m doing so.  Yesterday while looking for the magazine aisle, my eye caught the Joe Fresh cosmetics display with all its nail colour glory.  At 3 for $9.99 and all kinds of fun colours to choose from, I wasn’t going to walk away empty handed!

In order to do my Grey-Yellow Polka Dot mani, this is what I armed myself with:

–  Joe Fresh polish in FOG (medium grey) and CANARY (primary yellow)
–  A thick-ish piece of paper for my blob of nail polish (so it won’t seep through)
–  A brush with a pointy end at the handle to make polka dots with (my mascara wand for my eyebrows did the trick)

And now, this is what I did:

1.  Base coat.
2.  Two coats of medium grey polish.
3.  Dabbed a blob of primary yellow polish onto my small sheet of paper, and tested out my polka dots with the handle end of my brush.
4.  Dabbed my brush handle again in my yellow polish blob, dabbed it once or twice on the paper to take off the excess, then applied it on my nails.
5.  Let it all dry for a while then applied a shiny top coat.

Easy peasy right?

Joe Fresh cosmetics nail polish canary

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