Review: Nature Republic Super Aqua Max watery cream for combination skin

Review Nature Republic Super Aqua Max watery cream combination skin - Korean moisturizer skincare cosmetics - Joelle Chan Makeup Artist Calgary Canada

Korean cosmetics have had so much press lately I couldn’t help but look into it myself and purchase a few things to try.  I scoured Soko Glam, a Korean-American curated online store, and picked out a few things.  Admittedly I didn’t purchase my products from them; I found my products a little bit more economically priced with shipping costs in various other places.  As a side note, shipping to Canada from the US is generally getting better priced.
I bought IOPE’s Air Cushion foundation which didn’t do too well with me (review here).  The second product I bought was Nature Republic’s Super Aqua Max for Combination skin.  If you read my January Favourites post, then you know I have thing for sleeping masks/packs/facials/whateveryouwannacallit.  Basically intense hydrating moisturizers meant to be put on at night so you wake up to beautiful dewy soft supple skin.  Let’s talk about the Super Aqua Max.

What it is:  

They call it a “watery cream”.  It’s true.  If I could expand on it a bit more, it’s something between a gel and a cream, kind of a soft whipped texture that isn’t stiff but can hang onto your finger relatively well when upside down.  The light minty green cream comes in a green plastic jar with a substantially heavier lid in comparison and a little spatula to scoop your cream out.

Review Nature Republic Super Aqua Max watery cream combination - Korean skin care cosmetics - texture mint green colour - Joelle Chan Make-up Artist Calgary Canada

What its made of:

It’s formulated with Polynesian lagoon water, glycerin, a few different silicones (to lock the moisture in and give it its smooth velvety texture I’m guessing), and a gazillion different extracts such as ulmus davidiana (David elm) root extract (for its moisturizing properties – apparently it performs almost as well as hyaluronic acid! reference), amaranthus caudatus seed extract (Amaranth oil – for its antioxidant properties), and ulva pertusa (sea lettuce) extract (for its antioxidant and whitening properties) just to name a few.

What it did for me:

As with the Air Cushion foundation, my first impression was, “Holy cow, it SMELLS!”  It’s very strong to me.  I think most people would perceive the fragrance as marine-fresh-unisex.  It eventually dissipates, just give it about 10-15 minutes.  Over the last couple of months, I’ve gotten a bit more used to it, but when something smells that strong I start to wonder what they’re hiding.  The cream gives the skin a nice cool sensation as with most gel-like consistencies when applied.  It also gives it a nice velvety texture…until my skin slurps it up like a dry sponge, especially on my cheeks.  I then apply another layer on my t-zone and another 2 layers on my cheeks.  No joke.  That’s 2 layers on my t-zone and 3 layers everywhere else.  Phew!  Also I find that it’s not enough for me at night (even though it’s formulated for night time use) – I still wake up with parched skin, so I’ve only been using it during the daytime and sometimes I even supplement with a face oil.  The velvety texture it leaves is quite a nice primer for makeup.  If I was a teen or in my early 20’s and lived in a humid climate, I would probably enjoy this cream immensely, but instead I’m in my early 30’s and live in the cold northern prairies.  I’m not planning to repurchase this for myself.


You should be able to get it between $15-$20 CAD for 80mL/2.70oz.  Here it is on for $14.82.  They also have an Ebay store I believe.

If you’ve read other reviews on the Super Aqua Max, I know mine is completely different from everyone else’s experiences!  Just goes to show that everyone’s skin is different.  Which Korean skin care products work for you? I’d love to know :)

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